Step 1 ~ The Adventures

The RV has been purchased and its time to hit the road. The first adventures should be close to home. The facts will make themselves clear once you arrive and start setting up. Something may get left behind. If that first adventure is close to home, it will be much easier to return home a get what is needed.

This will make taking that long trip more organized and less likely to leave something behind. Being prepared will make the trip more enjoyable. Once everything is in place at the destination, relax and explore the location.

Step 2 ~ Set-up

RV Basics for BeginnersThere are a number of ways to start setting up based upon the RV and the amenities. There will be the 3 basic connections along with getting the RV ready.

The following is a good checklist to start with:

  • Attach any electrical connections. If the RV has sides and a leveling system, they are usually power by the electrical system of the RV.
  • Get the RV leveled using the RVs leveling system or aftermarket leveling blocks. The Anderson Leveling System is a newer product on the market. It’s a simple system what anyone can set-up in a matter of minutes.
  • When are slides that need to be deployed? Do a walk through the interior around the slides. The possibility of something moving during transport does exist. After the walkthrough is complete check any interior plumbing that may need to be cleared before moving the slides.
  • Slowly start deploying your slides part way. Do another walkthrough to make sure everything is still clear. Once the interior and exterior have been cleared of any obstacles, fully extend the slide and check the RV to see if it is still level.
  • The final connections for the basic setup include the water connections. The fresh water should be the first of the connections. All 3 water connection should have their own designated hoses and connections. It’s recommended to do the fresh water first to reduce contaminating the water systems. The grey and black water systems should be secured last. Check all connection when complete for leaks.

Step 3 ~ Take-down

Unfortunately, its time to get ready to return home. This process is quite simple and painless. It is recommended to do everything done in the Setup in reverse order with a few added reminders.

Before starting the take-down. Dump your black water and grey water in that order, it will lighten the RV for travel and save you a stop at the dump station. Remember to dump the black water before the grey water. The grey water can be used to help clean the lines. The fresh water can then be used to flush the line with clean water and also to clean the tank with tank wand.

Just like deploying the slides, check the interior and exterior for any obstacles. The power of the slide motors are unforgiving and will break anything in the way.

Step 4 ~ Return Home

The best way to end one trip is to get prepared for the next. The return home may require doing some basic maintenance. Cleaning of the interior and exterior is a good place to start. There is some different cleaners designed for the exterior of theĀ  RV. The interior can be cleaned with simple household cleaners.

During the maintenance process, start at the door and work around the RV. Checking the tire air pressure, lug nuts, all the lights, the propane lines, along with the propane tank. If needed now is the time to fill the propane for the next trip. Other things that have been noted during the trip should be addressed at this point. Call the dealer to schedule any warranty work or repairs needing to be done by an authorized dealer.


RV basics for beginners do not have to turn into a nightmare. Being part of the RV travel world is fun with a lot of time to enjoy family and friends. The beginner does not have to make that first trip a one or two week adventure that could end in disaster. If the planning and execution are done right, anyone can have many years of great travel. It all starts with the preparations. After every trip, get set for the next trip to make is just as successful.

While out on the road or at a destination, do not be afraid to ask for a little assistance. The RV world is filled with people always looking to help each other.

Great trips will turn into memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share and comment.

Kenneth Sagendorph


  1. Reply

    Very good article for someone like me who has been looking at long driving trips. The one thing I learned here seems to be common sense but I had not thought of… starting out with close by locations. That’s genius because you’re right, I would probably forget something or worse. I may not like it too much. Although my wife would love it, I would feel better with a short trip first. Thanks Kenneth for your insight.

    • admin


      Its pretty much how I learned Eddie. My first RV we purchased in February, took delivery in April. The first time we used it was a weekend in our back yard. Then we traveled to a campground less than an hour from home. This was all before spending 10 days in Maine on a5 hour trip. Worth every minute. Yes, the long trips will be great, but like most successes, you need to start small and work your way up.

      Thank You for the visit and comment. Feel free to share and come back again.

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    Thank you Kenneth fr this informative post. I can tell this is something that you and your family enjoy doing. It is something I would love to do someday, I mean travel around and vacationing using RV. Your beginner guide make it seem simple but for those that are not handyman that always want the finishes product, how do we go about this? Is there any way of renting already set up RV use and return, well may be without the black and gray waters.

    • admin


      LOL, Yes there are places that will rent RVs for a period of time. Some dealers will also rent out models that have been traded in. Usually, when you rent an RV they come with everything you need except bedding and cooking supplies. A good reputable dealer that rents RVs will give you a full hands-on demonstration of all you need to do. I think if its something everyone should at least try one in a lifetime. I started camping in a tent as a kid and have moved up since. IT is a great way for a family to bond and great a little disconnected from electronics, even if it is for a few days.

      Thank You for the comment. Feel free to share and stop by again.

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