How to Live the RV Retirement LifestyleHow to Live the RV Retirement Lifestyle is really not much different the say living in a retirement community. There are a few things that you will need to make adjustments for, however. Then when you retire, who needs to rush?

It is never too soon to start planning for your retirement. I tell my boys who are 20, 17, and 11, start planning your retirement now because before you know it, its time. Something your financial advisors will tell you as well. Also, some advice my father told me and I wish I had listened.

My retirement is still about 6 years away. Now I know what you are saying. Thats a long time. But considering some people will start working right out of high school, thats 35 years ago for me,  the next 6 years will fly by. Heck, my oldest son is now 20? Where did that time go?

You Are Doing What?

The closer you get to your retirement people will begin to ask, “What are you going to do when you retire?”  Everyone has different answers. I have been a firefighter for over 30 years now, some 10 as a volunteer and 20 as a career. My first answer will if you know any firefighters, is I will miss the job. Not everyone can say that.

Then I give them the answer that my girlfriend and I are going to live the RV retirement lifestyle. I then get the response from people “You are doing WHAT?” I laugh and tell them, why not. I have worked all these years and have not had the time to see the country, I’m doing it.

Where Do You Start?

This RV retirement life and full-time RV retirement living are going to be a challenge to start. But well the over a million people currently living the RV lifestyle most are retired. RV retirement living is becoming a lifestyle due to a number of financial problems.

We decided to start looking at all the options and doing tons of research. Like most research, things will change between on and then. This is one thing that anyone thinking of doing this for a lifestyle needs to do. However, don’t be afraid to take the leap. If you continue to second guess yourself time will pass you by.


The question that has detoured a lot of people from RV retirement is finances. This can be looked at in a few different ways, one is that you have no choice. It has also been found that RV retirement has become part of the lifestyle for baby boomers. This is possible due to the Social Security System has left millions having difficulty affording living expenses.

Some RV retirees have looked into working on the part-time through Amazon CamperForce. Amazon CamperForce hires campers to work for benefits that include $550 a month for campsites. The program also includes overtime and a 401K. Amazon CamperForce is not just for RV retirement folks, anyone thinking of Full-time RVing can apply.

If being move ambitious is your style, Workamper has a similar program to the Amazon CamperForce. Workamper can work in various locations a campground host, a housekeeper, maintenance, or even an amusement parks. Workampers also receive discounts on site based upon hours worked and the hourly wages.

While living the RV Retirement lifestyle, folks could have the opportunity to work digitally. This is quite possibly one of the best options for the retiree. Since the modern era of shopping online has expanded. More people shopping online to save time and in some cases money. By becoming an Amazon Affiliate, you receive a percentage of products sold by the affiliate.

RV retirement can also be fun by creating videos on YouTube. Creating videos on your travels or some of the Amazon products you use. YouTube will allow you to add Amazon links within your descriptions to promote the products.

One means of income that may just fit every lifestyle including the RV Retiree is affiliate marketing. There are millions of affiliate programs besides the Amazon program. Affiliate Marketing does take a little training while providing people with a huge variety of niches.

If Affiliate Marketing is your choice, you can get into a program like Wealthy Affiliate that will help you get started. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the training to build a website to get into a specific niche along with where to find programs within that niche. There is truly not a lot of work involved in this income stream. You can work as much or as little as you want to depend on how much you want to progress.

RV Retirement Travel

RV Retirement travel is the reason we choose to get into this lifestyle. You can travel when you want, where you want, and if you want. This is the nice part of being retired.

One thing you could research is the different travel groups. There are travel groups that choose a location and date of when to meet. This creates a community like atmosphere that is saved. Within these communities, you can share stories about your travel to learn about locations you may want to visit.

Living the Dream

Living the Dream during the RV retirement is not only feasible, but it is also totally possible with the right planning. When you retire it is time for you to start this dream.

Everyone has different dreams and ambitions.

One of the keys to a happy life is to live those dreams.

I look forward to hearing from you. Share your thoughts and dreams.

Ken Sagendorph


  1. Joseph Stasaitis


    Very good article on the RV lifestyle.  Yes time certainly does fly. Where did all the years go?  Financial planning and understanding that should be taught in grammar and high schools to prepare kids for the realities of life and give themselves the best change to retire in comfort.

    One of my golfing buddies is a firefighter planning to retire this year and he is now looking for ways to occupy his time such as volunteering and some other activities.  I also enjoy my work in business and the nonprofit world and probably will never retire fully; just rearrange things so that I have more time for travel and family activities.

    I didn’t know about Amazon CamperForce.  Thanks for sharing that.  And yes we all owe it to ourselves to live our dreams and enjoy life.  All the very Best to you in your travels and living your dreams.

    • Ken Sagendorph


      Thank you for stopping by Joseph. There are days when time stands still and others when it just seems to pass us by. 

      Yes, the Amazon CamperForce is one of the many ways Full-time RVers earn an income on the road. The few benefits I mentioned make this a great way to stay on the road. Their wages are slightly above minimum wage. However, the benefits are worth looking at if you are a full-timer.  

  2. Ian



    We are kindred spirits! I can so relate to everything in your post. We are also 6 to 8 years from retiring depending on finances. I mobile retirement is what we are holding out for. Just like you, I have worked for over 35 years to date and am now looking forward to sharing my golden years with my beautiful wife travelling while we are still both young enough and in good enough health.

    I’m really interested in earning some additional “top up” income and affiliate marketing has got me very interested. Could you expand on your recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, please? I have no experience online and am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options. I don’t want to waste my time or money.



    • Ken Sagendorph


      Ian, thank you for the visit. 

      Wealthy Affiliate has been around for about 14 years and is a program for new or experienced affiliates. This means that if you are new to affiliate marketing. The program helps you build a foundation for your own website to build any way you want. 

      Let’s face it, everything in life starts with a good foundation. The founder Kyle and Carson introduce you to the program while doing a majority of the training. As a Premium Member, you can get added weekly training, access to live chat and support. In the live chat, you can ask questions to some of the top players in the Affiliate Marketing Professionals in the business.

      While the introduction during the first 7 days gives you access to the Premium Membership. There is NO obligation to stay Premium which is $19 for the first month, then $49 a month or  $349 for a yearly membership. 

      There is a ton more you can find inside Wealthy Affiliate. If you are an Amazon Affiliate or an Affiliate of any program, WA is the marketing training program that will help anyone succeed in the online business.

      If you or anyone has any questions. Please let me know. I will answer every question within a reasonable time.

  3. Halim Najm


    It sounds so interesting. I thought the same for a long time and I still think is fun life also still on my Radar. I enjoyed your blogs really good and to the point also love the advice for the children to think about those days at an early age. Unfortunately for me did not get the advice and I wish I did.
    This is a great post, Thanks

    • Reply

      Thank you for the visit Halim. I did get some of this advice from my dad and grandfather. They say you should learn from experience. I wish I listened to those two men in my life as well. Now I’m trying to pass it down to my next generation.

  4. Louis


    Very informative article on RV lifestyle. I learnt from what you said, to start preparing for my retirement even though I’m in my late 20’s. The RV lifestyle is one I’ll like to experience when I’m older, presumably because I would have the freedom to travel and visit places I’ve always wanted to see.

    Even as a retiree, it’s still important to earn income. That’s where digital skills come in. As an affiliate marketer, even a retiree can earn good income online to keep up with bikes and expenses. 

    Thanks for the write up, found it very useful

    • Ken Sagendorph


      Louis, you can not start soon enough. Sure you need to enjoy the times before retirement. But be prepared when that time comes is invaluable… 

  5. Wealthfather


    Great Content and InformationThanks for this concise and thorough article on how to live the  RV retirement Lifestyle,  Life after retirement is always boring so its imperative to find another source of income. 

    Wealthy affiliate has been the most amazing recommendation, I have never regretted my actions ever since i joined the community. The training will boost your affiliate marketing experience and newbies will also find the community inspiring and motivating.

    • Ken Sagendorph


      Our goals are not to have a boring retirement by sitting in a rocking chair to rot away. Our goals should be to work hard to build for a long and healthy retirement by remaining active. 

      Working online remotely is the perfect way to supplement any retirement plan. It also helps you keep in contact with others within the same mindset. Wealthy Affiliate can be a very important part of any online program. From their training, the community, and the positive role models. It’s AWESOME.

  6. Yormith96


    Hello there, thanks for sharing this article How to Live the RV Retirement Lifestyle .I personally will say I have just gained a lot more from this your article about planning retirement plan for myself even though I have just started working not quite long, but I think the earlier the better so as to be sure what I want for myself and family before my retiring 

    • Ken Sagendorph


      No better time to start planning. Sure you can enjoy some things while you are working. I have seen a number of people that have not made the right choices when it comes to retirement. They now struggle to make ends met an or need to stay with family. 

      Sitting in a rocking chair watching time pass is not how we should retire. Get out of the chair and enjoy the time we have left. 

  7. Olalekan


    Your article is intriguing and motivating. It’s paramount that people need to know to live the RV Retirement life. I have learnt a lot from my dad and I am still learning though about how to invest in the future to later enjoy a fulfilling life when I get to his age. I am just privileged to have this opportunity which many couldn’t. I am still in my early 30s and am already investing and as well engaging in different online business for extra buck. It’s better to work now and enjoy later than be lazy now and suffer at old age. Please what other online business can I do to earn different from marketing affiliates, am already on wealthy affiliate. Thanks in anticipation. 

    • Reply

      As young men, we should learn from our fathers and grandfathers while passing some of their wisdom down through generations. YEt we continue to learn as we grow throughout our lives.

      I have worked hard since graduating. Our generations may be different, yet the goals for retirement are not that far apart.

  8. Babsie Wagner


    After many years of owning my own business, and then working for a big corporation, I can proudly say that I am finally retired.  I am so excited, and living the RV lifestyle is definitely something that I have considered over time.  I love travel, I have relatives in various parts of the country that I would love to live near, and so this article really resonated with me.  I did not know about the Amazon Camperforce, which I find fascinating.  I’m definitely going to have to look into that.  Very interesting.

    • Ken Sagendorph


      Congratulations on being retired. I hope you are enjoying it. I have researched every different way of retiring and found that if you love to travel this is the best way to go. Unless you have made millions in the corporate world and can afford to travel. I think the RV lifestyle slows you down, costs less, and best of all no trying to catch flies.

      The RV retirement lifestyle gives you the opportunity to live where you want, when you want, and as long as you want.  The multitude of online work you can do totally helps to balance to finances. It even works if you are not retired.

  9. Peter Echeng


    Well, like I’d love to say, there are two important times in a man’s life, the working age and the retired brackets. If one is under looked to the other especially at the time of retirement, it wouldn’t be a nice life to face after retirement. Am proud to know you’re putting this first thing into the minds of your kids so they could start planning early ahead. Same goes to everyone!

    • Ken Sagendorph


      We always hear that “life is too short” no truer words have ever been said. Whether it be in life by reaching retirement age or losing a loved one way too soon. Life passes us by and before we know it. retirement is upon us and we don’t have a plan. 

      I learned from my experiences and have tried to teach my boys the same thing. We learn as we go, but need to plan for the future, not just financially but living arrangements as well. 

  10. ajibola40


    A very nice article on how to live the RV retirement lifestyle. I must commend you for writing this article and am sure many will find it useful. 

    To me is not until you reach an older age like 50 to 60 years old before you start living a retired life. Also, it is true that when you retired is when many start planing for retirement on what to do either online and offline. And at a retired age is always good to go after a less stressful work.

  11. Nuttanee


    Hi Ken,Recent years I have thought about what am I going to do when I get older and have to retire. Will I still be able to work this many hours like I currently am? Am I happy with my job? All two questions, they all share the same answer which is “NO”I was very lucky to be very good at what I do, I manage a bar and a restaurant. With many years of experience with the money I saved up, I had 2 restaurants. But I was miserables.I noticed that the restaurants became my home. Constant problems popping up, employees, vendors, customers, government agencies, the town, and the most important is the investment. I was so burned out from it and when I found out that my business partner had been stealing from me, that was it, I sold all my shares.I saw many people talking about affiliate marketing and it sounds so lucrative for me since the investment on it is so cheap and I can reach as many audiences around the world, It is up to me to make that happen. This is my 7th month in affiliate marketing, I only made 20 dollars lol but wait!! I will be better at it soon, I am just going to need more time and training. Hopefully, when I am successful, I get to live the RV lifestyle and travel. It is one of my bucket list 🙂 Thanks for an inspiring post.

    • Ken Sagendorph


      When we start to enter that age group and ask these questions. Not everything is clear immediately. Hopefully, we don’t have to work as much as we are in our current professions. Being happy in our retirement is key to a long and healthy retirement. 

      We also need to try to be happy before that day. Sometimes you don’t need a job that pays millions to keep us happy, but it does help. Being happy in your job sometimes makes it tough to retire. Having a good pension plan in place make my retirement a little easier when the time comes.

      Affiliate marketing online is tough to break into. The right training can help you succeed. It’s not an overnight money maker. It takes time, effort, and dedication to get any program off the ground. Like building a house, a bridge, or a highway, the right foundation is needed to keep it stable.

      Success in any online market makes the RV lifestyle doable. All you need is an internet connection and a few hours a day. Best thing is, you can change location and still make money.

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