home Security in an RV

Is it possible to have the same home security in an RV?

You have invested in an RV. Now you want to keep your investment safe. The RV is your home while on the road, and if you have a home security system, why don’t you have one in your RV? Good chances if you are staying at one of the millions of RV resorts, RV security system is the last thing on your mind.

What if you are traveling across the country or you are becoming a full-time RVer?

There will be those time you will want to boondock and go explore the area.

Who watching your RV?

RV Security Lights

home security in an RV

One way to keep you secure whether you are at home or out on the road is having enough lighting around your area. We all like having those solar lights around our home to brighten up the walkway as we approach. Having motion sensor light that can be turned on and off really do give us some security at night.

Can we install the same lights in our RV to give us the same security we have at home?

The short answer will be no. In the RV we like to save on weight. Most home security and motion sensor lights are heavy and need 110 volts. After doing a little research we have found a few options that may just work out on the RV.

The light we have chosen have at least 3 modes, not including “OFF”

  • Sensor: light is off unless they’re in movement within range.
  • Med Lighting: provides low lighting during the evening until the sunrise.
  • Dim: provides dim lighting unless there is movement. Light will provide brighter lighting upon movement.

After all, we want lighting we can control and that does not shine too bright to disturb other RVers while in the RV resort. What we found was a few different LED light that will give you the lighting and the adjustment for your RV. This list in no particular order are some options to get you started.


RV Security Locks

home security in an rv

When we talk about locking the RV, we hope it can be safe as our home. Most RVs have similar locks thought out including the storage areas. This causes a problem when we are trying to keep our RV secured.

RVs have different locking systems then your home and require a few added precautions.

There are a number of door locks on the market for the RV. The best part is they all offer the same features including keyless entry and a remote. Both features are a great while away on a hike. This prevents the need to bring a key to only get lost in a river during a crossing.

The storage compartments or basements as some call them to create another different security problem. A number of manufacturers will key all these storage unit alike of very similar. This makes it no more secure than just leaving the compartments unlocked or wide open.

So how can you resolve this problem?

Solving this problem may take about an hour out of your afternoon. But it will be worth it in the end. Swapping out the original lock for something like a tubular cam lock will give you some added security for your valuables while away from the RV.

RV Security Cameras

home security in an rv

Having home security in an RV will also include the one thing people may overlook, the security camera. People may not think of adding a camera or 2 to their RV security system. Yet this can be done very easily and with all the security on a home security system.

There are security cameras that are small enough to give you some piece of mind without adventuring. The possibility of using the same home security in an RV is well within reach.

When you decide to add security cameras to your RV security system. You will want to find something that will be easy to set up and not take up a lot of room. This will have you looking for cameras that are compact, yet will give you the quality you need for good resolutions.

A good idea, if you have wifi, is to get security cameras that are wifi capable. Having this option will give you the security while you are in your adventures or exploring the area. The technology in this day and age gives users the capability of viewing the surroundings of your RV directly to our smartphones.

Even the RING, which is marketed for a home security system with a built-in camera, can be used on your RV.

RV Security Alarm Systems

home security in an RV

When looking into a home security system. What are some of the key functions or features you want to have?

If we are on the road for an extended period of time. We would like our home security system to monitor our homes for things like fire and break-ins. Having a security monitoring company works well in this situation. They can notify the local public safety professionals and send them to your home.

When we think of a home security system we think of a bunch of wires attached to a DVR or similar recording device. This system will have a few cameras that have night vision capabilities and the possibility of an audible speaker. Some people will even have their systems monitored by a security company somewhere in the area or in the country.

But, can we get this in our RV security system?

There are a few options on the market today you can use to build an RV security system. When we look into an RV security system we look for a system that has some type of motion sensor, but not too sensitive to goes off with every little movement. We may want a system that has a cloud for recording what our camera pickup. Mostly something that will be easy to change configuration and lightweight.

There is only one system on the market designed for the RV.

Glomex has been producing the ZigBoat security systems for boats. They also produce a cellular and wifi booster for boats and RVs. They have recently begun producing the ZigRV for your RV. It has many features your home security system has including heat sensor, smoke sensors, motion sensors, cameras, and a GPS.

However, by using the information provided here you should be able to build a system from the ground up. The things we can look for in light, locks, and cameras will get you started. I find one of the first things I would personally look at are the locks and the cameras.


Finding a home security system in an Rv may be a difficult thing to do. Today you may not have a large number of options to choose from on the market. Yet with a few ideas and making a list of needs you can build one for the security of your RV.

When building a system thing of your wants and needs. Most RVers will think of size and weight as some of the top features. But having the ability to see what is happening in your RV while you are out on the trail can be very useful.

Finding a monitoring system that will alert the proper public safety professionals can be very useful as well. You should look for a company that has the ability to track your RV through a GPS. This will make it easy for them to locate your RV when there is a problem.

Finally, I find that one of the best security systems we have in the RV lifestyle is the community. I have found that while in most RV resorts or campgrounds people look out for each other. We take care of our kind like a neighborhood that is small and willing to work together.

I hope you found that this will help you build your home security system in an RV.

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Ken Sagendorph


  1. Reply

    I think you are so right Ken. Who thinks about security when in an RV resort? I never did until one night when we woke to a thief trying to access our RV whilst we were in a resort that provided security. Very scary stuff and something I hope never to experience again. If we had a sensor light installed I think it would have deterred such activity. Something also to keep in mind – and this is after 6 months of living on the road – most people think that theft happens on a clear night when there is no need for a torch. It is more likely that thieves will be out during the day when the RV might be unattended or on rainy nights where the noise of the rain tends to muffle any sound.

    • Reply

      Coreena, Thank you for stopping to take the time to add a comment and share your story.

      I do agree that adding a security system for an RV is the last thin of someone’s mind as they set out to enjoy their RV. We add security to our home, our car, and even to personal possessions while traveling.

      A large number of people buy motion sensor lights for their home to protect their perimeters. But when they go boondocking they never give it a second thought. Most RV resorts I have gone to have lighting throughout. But like you said during a rainstorm who thinks of checking their perimeters.

      The likelihood of having a thief around your site during daylight hours is huge. Most people vacationing will be exploring the area which is the #1 plan during the trip. This leaves the RV an easy target for a thief. Adding a motion sensor camera will help if someone wants to invade your space.

  2. Ahearst


    Very useful tips for the RV enthusiasts. Its an alternative life style that allows you to roam our vast hinterland without forgoing much of the home comfort . I have never done it but it looks very adventurous to me, or at least that’s what is being promoted on tv, travel magazines and so on.
    Security on RV is just as important as on other property/life. We invested so much money on it. We install some kind of alarm system on our car so why not same principle applies on RV ? Your post definitely gives some ideas for RV enthusiasts who never thought on the subject.

    • Reply

      The RV lifestyle is becoming a multimillion dollar industry across the country. Some RVs are selling for the price of a small home in the 100 thousand dollar range and more. People are starting to spend more time in an RV than in a hotel. They are taking all the luxuries of home on the road.

      So if you protect your home with a security system. Why not protect your RV?

      Not that some home security systems can fit in an RV. Why not make it happen?

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