You have been traveling all day. Now you have time to relax and Create an RV Outdoor Living Space. You open up the storage compartments in the RV. What will you find to create a comfortable outdoor living space?

When Creating an Rv Outdoor Living Space you need chairs to sit, tables for drinks, light that will not attract the bug, a ground cover a keep your feet clean, and some added ambiance.

In the paragraphs to follow we will look at a few of those things for us to enjoy our outdoor living space.

Chairs and Tables

As we sit out near our RV we look for the most comfort along with efforts in storage. Do you remember the days of the lawn chair? These nylon webbed folding chairs were lightweight yet uncomfortable after sitting for long periods of time. I remember my father rewebbing the chairs every few years.

The outdoor living chair has come a long way over the years. The chairs we used at the family gathering or while sitting around a campfire have changed. Chairs come with attached folding side tables, side folding small coolers and even suspensions.

Tables used by the RV can be small and compact or larger with built-in coolers. Smaller more compact tables save of storage and are easy to move from site to site when visiting other RVers.

Overall the chairs and tables while Creating an RV Outdoor Living Space should be comfortable and easy to store for transport.

  • Chairs ~ when purchasing chairs for the outdoor living space, there are a few things you can keep in mind. Your chairs need to be comfortable and easy to store. This means they will need to fold up. Yes, this to some would be the obvious first thoughts. Yet there will be other people looking to get a comfortable chair that just doesn’t fold enough to fit into the storage regions.

Many people choose the Zero Gravity chairs styles for there comfort and is easily folded. The Zero Gravity chairs do take up a more room than other chairs. Zero Gravity chair is like having a recliner in your outdoor living space. YYou can recline back in then while having your legs and feet supported.

There are also a variety of other folding chairs that rock or some that are just easy to store in a bag that displays your favorite team.

  • Tables ~ having the right table will make life more relaxing in your outdoor living space. The table comes in a few styles that can be stored in a matter of seconds. Finding a table to match your chairs is really simple. You can purchase them in a set of separately depending on the table you are looking for.

There are even tables that are designed with built-in coolers. These sound like it may take up a ton of your valuable storage space. However, by purchasing the table / cool combination, in the long run, you saved room by purchasing 1 item instead of 2.

Ground Cover

The ground cover you use while on your RV site can be a simple area rug with a design to express your personality. Some ground cover rugs can be fully customized. The idea is to create a warm atmosphere to welcome visitors and to create a special outdoor living space.

  • Rugs ~ some people may not think of things like a rug to cover the ground in your outdoor living space. The fact is that covering the ground with a rug in the outdoor living space will save you on cleaning the interior. I’m not saying it will eliminate the clean, it will reduce the outdoor from being transferred inside.

Rugs come in a different configuration. One of the BEST types of rugs will fold into a carrying bag. This not only makes moving the rug easy, but it will also help in storage the rug as well as keeping it clean. There are rugs that are reversible so the outdoor space change with you.

  • Turf ~ although not the most practical of outdoor living space ground covers. Turf can be rolled into small tubular shapes for storage and moving around. Some of the nice features that can be in a turf ground covering are the look and feel of real grass. Who doesn’t like the feel of grass while outdoors?

Turf may be harder to store and move around. It gives you more comfort on the feet and can add a more inviting atmosphere while on your campsite.

Insect Control

Whether you are in the mountains, the desert, or by the ocean. Fighting off the insect is always a concern while enjoying your RV outdoor living space. You can apply insect repellent with DEET to help repel the insects. There are a few myths you will want to learn about DEET before you spread the money.

Although DEET is a good repellent while enjoying a hike in the mountains. Applying this chemical to your body every time you want to just site your RV outdoor living space can get annoying.

  • Torches ~ torches can add to your outdoor space in decor and in protection. But, before taking out the torches there are a few things you need to do first.
    • check with your campground management to see if they are allowed. Some location may not allow them in a specific time of the year due to dry conditions.
    • Make sure that you are staying on your site. The thought of unattended torched freaks me out. Not to mention if there are children in the area that want to see them.
    • As for the children, NO RUNNING around the torches. Kids are like moths when they see a fire. Make sure there is an adult around the torches at all times.
    • Confirm the torches have been extinguished before heading the bed for the night. I have seen a few people that like to leave the going throughout the night. Not a good plan.
    • Have enough clearance around the torches to prevent radiate heat from damaging things like the side of your RV or starting a fire in a tree. These both could have catastrophic results.
  • Repellent ~ there is a multitude on repellents on the market today to help you have a clean and safe outdoor living space around your RV. The question that comes up is if you want to put chemicals on your body that will have to be washed off and that could get into your food. Doesn’t sound very good to me.
    • One of the best solutions is an insect light the repels most insects.
    • Other options include candle with repellent.


You outdoor living ambiance is an extension of your indoor living area. Some people like to have their outdoor coordinate or match they’re indoors. Mostly for the flow.

Personally, I like to have my the separation of the outdoor living space from the indoor living space. After all, the outdoor living space has a few things you don’t want indoors.

Another thing to keep in mind when creating an RV outdoor living space is making it inviting. While you are out on the road it is nice to meet new people. When you meet these new people, you went them to be comfortable as well. It all comes down to appearance, versatility, and entertainment.

  • Lighting ~ the lighting in you use when creating an RV outdoor living space should be inviting to other RVers, while defining a little of your character. There is a multitude of ways you can light your outdoor space including lights that not only look great but help repel insects. Lighting can be installed under the RV to give you ground effects or hang them from your awning for some overhead light.

    • Firepit ~ many campgrounds and resorts may already have a designated firepit on site. Then there is the time when you want to do a little boondocking and want a safe area for a little fire. This can be accomplished in a few ways.
      • You could invest in a fire ring that has a design on the outside.
      • There is always the firepit that is easy to fold and storge in the RV.
      • The additional source is with a gas-fired pit. These just use propane that may be best used for cooking and hot water.

  • Coolers ~ you may not think of a cooler as part of creating an RV outdoor living space. But when visitors arrive because you have the coolest looking light display. You need to keep them hydrated. The cooler is also a good way to prevent people from walking in and out of the RV bringing in the insects or dirt. An option was discussed above with the table cooler. It gives you 2 things in one and creates a focal point for discussions.


Creating an RV outdoor Living Space does not have you cost a fortune or take up all the storage within your RV. We presented just a few options you can look into when creating an RV outdoor space.

Some of the key factors is to have an inviting location. After all the RV lifestyle is about meeting new people and making life long friendships. This all can be done without upsetting the people around you with some ridiculous decorations.

Everyone has a different taste and a different outlook on how their area around there RV should look. Make it your own in color and style. The outdoor living space you create is an extension of your RVs decor. Have fun with it,

If you have some suggestions or even a few pictures of your RV outdoor living space. Please feel free to share them below. You just may give someone else an idea to create.

Ken Sagendorph


  1. Eric


    I love going camping and some of these ideas, I’ve already implemented such as having chairs, a table, and a fire pit. The thing that I always forget though is insect repellent. I hate getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Another great thing you mentioned is ground cover (away from the fire of course). I never think to get an outdoor rug to create a dirt barrier between nature and my camper. Great tips! I think a checklist would be awesome with all of these ideas. Thanks!

    • Ken Sagendorph


      Thanks for the visit, Eric.  I guess the nice part of the spring is that the insects are not out too much. It when the season progresses and the bugs get crazy. I have found the DEET works great but the mess is not so good. I hate having to shower 2 -3 times a day. Not something that works while boondocking.

      The outdoor rugs have saved us a lot. Especially when at the beach, 

  2. Wealthfather


    Tons of value to be found on this post on how

    This is a great and simple to follow guide on creating an RV outdoor living space. You laid it all out clearly and showed series of examples that helped emphasize your various points. This guide will be very useful for me because I have been hiring professionals to do this work for me before now but this article is an eye opener for me and I should be able to implement

    • Ken Sagendorph


      LOL… sorry, “Professionals to do your RV outdoor living space.  I guess you could also use the information here for your home. I have implemented it a little around my pool area at home. the chairs work great during gatherings with friends and family. Investing in some of those high-end furnishings around a pool whit kids is a bad plan.

      Thank you for stopping by Sir.

  3. Babsie Wagner


    I love this article. I mean think about it. Your RV outdoor living space could be as large as your RV indoor living space and you will probably spend far more time in your RV outdoor living space anyway so real care and thought should go into it. Tables and chairs for outdoor dining should be romantic. I love candles and pretty white lights strung about. Nothing beats RB outdoor living space. 

    • Ken Sagendorph


      I agree, Babsie.. The RV Outdoor living space is an extension of the indoors. I have had experiences where it rained so much if it wasn’t for the rug. I would have had a mud hole outside. 

      The candle adds to the atmosphere giving you a relaxing place to read or just socialize. The lighting can be added in different colors or even with a dimmer.  

  4. Olalekan Taliat


    Hey, this is a beautiful article as i am looking to build my outdoor RV space. The idea of chosen a color that is an extension of the decor of the RV itself is a cool one. Sometimes the firepit is provided by the camping ground authorities may be insufficient.

    For this reason I prefer the propane fired fire ring which is more fashionable and can be kept for another day.

    • Reply

      I think it brings everything together when things match up. It’s also nice to break things up a little as well.

      The only drawback to the propane fire is if you are boondocking and may need the propane for cooking and heat.

      Thank you for the comment Olalekan.

  5. Reply

    This is a very nice post. RV’s has always interested me. There some very nice ones out there. They can be very expensive but you can decorate them on a budget. You have some very good ideas. Thanks for the post.

  6. Reply

    I treat my outside space at my camper just like at home, my camper is parked on lot on a lake. I have a set of folding chairs, a table that folds up and a concrete pad that we use as a place to have outside meals. I do have a rug that we use if we use the dining table in the yard. I also built a small deck for a bistro set to have morning coffee.
    I do travel and camp, just use a tent at this time. I do take a small folding table, a couple of folding chairs and a scented candle for bug deterrent, a little wood for a campfire to tell silly stories after dark.
    What do you think of the small table top propane grills that are powered by the one pound tank. I have one that was given to me, I just have not used it before.

  7. David Moore


    RV living spaces are some of the absolute best things in life. You can do absolutely anything with them. Highly customizable. We love to utilize a bonfire so we can just put hotdogs on sticks and have a nice meal. The only things that tend to get in our way is the insects. Mosquitos and house flies primarily. Having lights that will not attract them is absolutely crucial. Other than that, we really enjoy our outdoor RV living space. It is quite literally, a paradise. We are planning to actually affix ours with palm trees. Eventually.

    • Reply

      That sounds like a great plan. I would love photos of your outdoor space David. Yes, the insects sometimes drive people away from enjoying the great outdoors.

  8. Ivory Williams


    I like how you cover many aspects of outdoor living…from an RV. Never thought of it from that perspective. I think that it’s important to explore different things in order to refine what one considers to be a good or even excellent experience. “Don’t knock it…until you try it” comes to mind.

    • Reply

      Great to have you stop by Ivory. Living the RV lifestyle is like living in a tiny home. I like the idea of expanding the outdoors into your added living space. It makes me feel like I have an added couple thousand square feet of living space. A good point is if you get tired of your outdoor living space. Just pack up and move to another location. Simple changes.

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