Finally, the day has come and you are now retired, seeking some adventure you have chosen to live the RV Lifestyle. You are traveling the country, taking in all the amazing site there is to see. You have done all the financial preparations you could image and gone over the figures countless times. 

If you are like most people that have retired in the past decade, inflation has changed a few of those dreams. Another problem is that the money you have placed in that IRA or 401K is not increasing as expected. These shorts fall have affected millions of people across the country. Causing them the seek income in a variety of locations. Part-time work, per-dem work, self-employment, consulting, and working online.

But how can you enjoy that retirement plan and life comfortably?

Here are a few options that have been a why retirees have used to supplement their income. These options can even help anyone seeking ways to supplement their income.

Temporary Income

Temporary Incomes are not just traveling from location to location working for Amazon Campforce or Workamper.

The Amazon Campforce we covered in a previous post. The Workamper program is similar to Amazon Campforce in the benefits program with employers paying for RV resort expenses. Workamper will give you a wider range of opportunities across the country all year round.

Workamper has an application process that matched people with work in the areas in which they are traveling. This is different than the Amazon CampForce that only provides limited opportunities. Workampers get the choice to pick which employer can see their application.

One misconception is the Workamper is for retirees. This is totally untrue, however, the median age for Workampers is 53 with no pension or future income sources. Many of the retirees get opportunities to work small jobs for set durations. Some seek jobs that will last a season or some just a few weeks.

Some of the work retirees apply for include NASCAR ushers, resort assistance, RV services, and much more. The number of employers using Workamper not only includes Amazon. But employers like the US Forestry Service, The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), US Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, Bowlin Travel Centers Inc., and Rainier Guest Services.


Blogging has a lot of different niches. People can blog about just about anything they want. There’s are so many niches that people find themselves getting lost in the mix. Blogging can be hit or miss, however. If you start blogging, you will need to get a website built while having an interesting niche. 

Blogging has increased in popularity over the past few years among retirees. Retirees are becoming more familiar on how making money online by blogging. Getting a website set up can be done in less than a minute with the right training or experience.

The few things people do not understand about blogging before getting started, however.

  • How to build a website
  • How the search engines work
  • How to create good content
  • Knowing how keywords affect the search engines

Once you understand these 4 concepts, you can create a blog the will help you make a connection with people. And it’s not just the blog that you will make the money. Its what you are blogging about. It needs to be interesting while drawing people attention. Once you have their attention, you build trust and a relationship.

People that trust your content will return. Companies will see this and approach you to promote their product or service. This will eventually help you earn income just by creating content on your website. The biggest drawback to this income is getting the people to follow you and trust you.


The craze that has seemed to have shifted into high gear in recent years. Especially with RVers looking to document the travels and share them. The promote their videos along with the equipment they use for example. Most will have affiliate accounts to help sell products, This is also called an e-commerce income. They work as a middleman or affiliate for Amazon to help companies sell products or services.

You may think creating a YouTube video would take a bunch of fancy cameras, microphones, lighting, or editing software.

This is far from the truth. There are a good number of folks creating high traffic videos with just a camera phone and free editing software. Apple and Google Play both have editing software or software to add graphics that are FREE. If you are looking to create some effects you will need to purchase some software. Most are reasonably priced under $100.

Currently, there are a number of Full-time RVers making a living creating videos for production on YouTube. Not all YouTubers are of the younger generation. There is a large number of YouTubers that are retirees just trying to add a little extra income.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing may very well be one of the best ways to create a retirement income on the road. Affiliate Marketing can be done on your schedule giving you the freedom to enjoy your retirement and traveling all in one. There is also a limited amount of training needed to get into affiliate marketing. This training can be done online while you build your business.

Affiliate Marketing has gained popularity over the past few years for people looking to start working from home. This can very easily be used on the road for income. Training can come from a variety of locations with a few different platforms. As a Retiree looking to get into Affiliate Marketing you don’t want or have a lot of money to invest. The one thing you may have is time to learn and time to research.

There is a bunch of different affiliate marketing program online. Everything from Amazon to Walmart to Rakuten which has a bunch of different programs.

The best place to start is to get training on how to Get Started, Building a Website, Learning Keywords, Building Traffic, and Understanding the Online Business. Things like these will help you build a successful website and can help you build your YouTube channel as well.

So where to can you get all this information?

I’m glad you asked.

There is only 1 program where you can get everything you need and more for one low price or for FREE. They have a FREE membership that helps you build a simple website that gets good traffic. Then they have a Premium Membership that has everything the FREE membership has, PLUS a bunch of added training with weekly recorded LIVE training, and a community of experts to help you at any time.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself for 7 days FREE.

Wealthy Affiliate has the best online program for anyone just starting out or who have been working online for a while. Wealthy Affiliate is so confident they have the best platform. They give you 7 days of the Premium Membership FREE and the FREE Membership as long as you want it.


Creating a Retirement Income on the road is not a difficult as you would think. One of the biggest things you will need to do is think of how much you want to work during your retirement? Once you decide what work best for you, go with it. Anyone of the incomes we covered can work.

Another thing you need to consider while Creating a Retirement Income on the Road is how much you plan to travel. After all, you are in this position to enjoy your retirement while seeing the country.

My personal favorite is Affiliate Marketing. You can use it in a wide variety of niches on YouTube and while blogging. The only thing you need is an internet connection. That is the easy part. You can get that connection in a resort, in a coffee shop, or in internet cafes are just a few examples.

If you have any experience in Creating a Retirement Income on the road or even at home. Please share your experiences in the comments for others to learn.

Ken Sagendorph


  1. Dave Sweney


    This was a very useful post that was full of good advice on how to create more retirement income on the road as a retiree. I am almost 63, could draw social security (but I am waiting), have income streams that have been in place for years, yet could use some additional income just as many others in my age could.

    The reason I am waiting to start drawing social security is the restriction on making an income, as I understand it after $12,000 USD a year of income, they start docking you $1 for anything over $1, and this holds true until the age of 66 and 3 months, in my case.

    If I wait, my checks will go from about $1400 a month to about $2000 expected at 66 years, 3 months, with no restriction on any other income I may earn. So this means that the income I am missing from that has to be earned in some manner so I can continue to travel and do those things that retirees like to do.

    The many actionable suggestions you mention are ones that I will have a look at, and right now I can say that it was easy to make a decision to wait on taking the social security checks since I am making good money with affiliate marketing, selling online training courses and products, and selling services and products to offline small businesses.

    As you may have surmised I prefer working for myself over the other options you mention. That does not mean I am not open to checking out these opportunities, however. Always look at what is on the table is what I say. Only then can you make informed decisions.

    So I guess the most important thing readers can do is to see what the options are out there for them, then select the ones that work for their situation. Get the options in place, start earning some extra retirement income, while making sure you leave time for enjoying retirement and travel and get at it! 

    Your advice in this post was appreciated, and it will help me and many others.

    • Ken Sagendorph


      It was great to hear from you Dave and your experiences. You are like many retirees or soon to be retirees having to want in order to collect on their social security. Which is one of the retirement incomes that is never guaranteed or secured. 

      I totally agree with you that people should be comfortable during the retirement years and enjoy life to its fullest. Learning to be your own boss is the best plan in my opinion. You have spent all those years working for someone else. It’s not time to set your own hours and create your own destiny.  

      Some of the options here are good if you want to work in a different location every few weeks. The drawback is you become focused on the next location, that indirectly limits you to the freedom to travel. After all, the key to retirement travel is to create your own travel plans with no limitations. 

      I agree with the Affiliate Marketing being one of the BEST options for creating the freedom to travel. Affiliate Marketing is the one option that is difficult to start unless you have the right training like WA. Once you get things going it’s also one of the better returns.  

  2. Josie


    It’s great to learn of how many options I have to consider to earn an income as I set off on the road in retirement in the coming years. So many people don’t know about these options, and end up struggling every day in their retirement, and it’s unfair that they don’t get to enjoy the best years of their life. Thankfully I won’t need to be one of those people.

    • Ken Sagendorph


      You are so right Josie, Retirement is the years we need to enjoy. Sometimes our pensions or IRAs fall short in the projected needed income. Thankfully I am looking at being safe as well. 

      Some of the incomes I discuss can also be helpful to make an extra income while helping fill those rainy days. After all, we can not always be outside in the rain. They also help pass time in the evening before bed or can be used to help create a log of your travels to share with friends and family. 

  3. Reply

    Hi Ken,
    Thanks for pointing out all the great options to make extra retirement income.
    Personally, I started my online affiliate business to do just that. It seems that retirement came upon us quicker than we imagined it would, lol. And affiliate marketing is a wonderful way to supplement.
    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I must agree that this is the best place to learn. Their training and tools are all under one roof. And the free starter membership is a no-brainer, haha. I highly recommend them.

    • Reply

      Retirement does come way too fast. I tell my boys that all the time. Planning early is a good start, yet is not the only answer. We all need something to do during retirement to keep us from becoming a lump.

      Affiliate Marketing is the best option for not only retirement but for anyone seeking a supplemental income. There are a bunch of online programs and platforms to learn the business. WA is the BEST bang for the buck without a doubt.

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