What is Fresh Water?

fresh waterFresh Water is one of, if not the most essential water system within the RV. The Fresh Water system needs extra attention, especially during the step up and takedown processes. Maintaining the system as clean as possible using a filter or filtering system.

RVs are designed to allow fresh water into the hot water heater, the sinks, the tub, showers (inside and outside) and clothes washer. The fresh wash should be the first water line attached to the RV. While it should be the last water line disconnect before traveling.

The water system will be attached to the water spigot in any campground or RV resort. Most campgrounds and RV resorts will have high water pressure. This will require adding a pressure regulator onto the fresh water line to prevent damage.  It is a good practice to designate one hose line for fresh water. Hose lines designated for fresh water should be labeled and stored separately from any other hose line.

The fresh water system is the only system with a water pump. Like all water pumps, to work most efficiently, the pump will need to be primed. RV water pumps are designed to be self-priming. Which means they do not need to be primed manually. Once the pump is turned on, the water will begin to flow.

Filtration of Fresh Water

The filtration of fresh water is the most important part of the system. If the filtration system fails, the water can begin to grow bacteria. This bacteria can cause life-threatening illnesses.

water filtersThere are a number of filtration devices on the market. Some are designed to attach directly into the RV fresh water line coming from the spigot. Then the discussion is where should the in-line filter be located. Some people say on the RV side, while others attach it directly to the spigot.

Another good practice is to regularly clean and disinfects the fresh water holding tank. This process will help cut down on possibilities of growing bacteria. This should also be done before storing the RV.

Learning all the way to maintain the RV fresh water system does not require a masters degree. Simply follow safe and clean practices will give you peace of mind.


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