Amazon, a name that has been heard around the world for online purchases and affiliate programs. Amazon has distributions locations around the world from the United States to China.

But how can you get a job with Amazon and be part of the largest online market place in the world?

About Amazon CampForce?    

Amazon has been in business since 1995 when it started selling a book online out of it’s Seattle based office. In the first month of operation Amazon was shipping book to all 50 States and 45 other countries. Eventually, the company changed the way people shop online. Amazon was selling everything from books to office furniture to live insects. You could even purchase (online) you groceries to save time in the new generation of computers and the internet.

In 2008 Amazon was shipping over 20 million items and occupied 11 locations in the United States. That same year Amazon launched it’s CampForce Program in it’s Kentucky distributions locations since it was unable to maintain the shipping demanded. The Amazon CampForce program was originally focused on elderly retired people. Focusing on these retirees who have lost their home and were forced to live in RVs.

By mid-2008, Amazon expanded the CampForce program to there Coffeyville, Kansas facility. The program was expanded to include to hire works on a temporary contract from October to December for the holiday season. Which was then expanded even more in 2009 into their program into warehouses in Campbellsville, Kentucky, and Fernley, Nevada.

The temporary employees were hired at minimum wage and to include expenses for RV park within the area. Unfortunately, the program was still new and was difficult for some of the elderly hire. They were having to walk upwards of 13 miles per day throughout the warehouses. Somewhere spending long day and nights with short breaks just to keep up with the demands. In some cases, they were compared to a sweatshop type atmosphere.

Amazon CampForce Benefits

When the Amazon CampForce began in 2008 they only employed retirees on a temporary contract. Most would receive various company benefits including paid sick time off and some medical.  Amazon hired applicants to start between $11.00 and $11.50.

Currently, Amazon lists available benefits as

“Along with the chance to build lasting relationships with your coworkers”

  • Assignment Completion Bonus
  • Medical and Prescription Coverage
  • Overtime pay
  • Weekly pay schedule
  • 401(k)

Amazon CampForce employees are now being paid $15 and work 10 to 12 hours a day. Meaning a 40 hour work week will pay $600 before taxes and only work 4 days. Where some jobs in the CampForce program can require additional hours up to 50 hours a work week or $825 a week before taxes.

RVers are also offered up to $550 a month for campsites. You will be restricted to the location on which you can stay. After doing some research you will find, depending on your commitment, a monthly stay at these campgrounds range from $700 to $1500. This is for a fifth wheel RV with full water, electric, and sewer hookups.

Medical and Prescription insurance is offered, but only after 90 days and if you continue with the company. Assignment bonuses are only offered if you complete the assignment dates you are offered from Amazon. These bonuses are .50 for every regular hour worked and $1.00 for every overtime hour worked.

After doing the research I took a closer look at the program on Amazon Delivers Jobs. On the website, you will find all the positives of working to Amazon CampForce including dates an locations of assignments. On average, the assignment dates range from a 6-week assignment to a 17-week assignment. While looking at the assignment dates, which are mostly full for 2019 (9 of 14), 8 of 14 dates listed will provide the 90 days for the insurance. Only 2 of those 8 assignment dates still has openings.

Joining the Amazon CampForce

Currently, Amazon accepts applications for temporary employment from time to time in various locations in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arizona. Application periods are for set dates and usually fill fast. Some locations fill available positions up to a year in advance and mostly during the holiday season.

Amazon does have some requirements for employment in the CampForce program. You must have a high school or equivalent diploma, be able to walk for up to 12 hours, lift 49 pounds, and operate warehouse machinery. The Amazon CampForce does also require you to have an RV to be hired.

Joining the Amazon CampForce can be done in a few different ways. By filling out an application at the Amazon Delivers Jobs website, applying on the Workamper website or visiting an Amazon CampForce booth at an RV show.

Can Amazon CampForce Work for Me?

The Amazon CamoForce works in many different ways depending on your expectations and your overall work ethics. I have heard from a handful of CampForce members young and retirees. There are truly mixed reviews with no true positives or negative based on age to becoming part of the Amazon CampForce. So I tried to come up with a few comparisons.

Lets first take a look at the positives. Amazon is providing work for people looking for jobs during the holiday season. They are providing work to retirees who have lost everything during the housing crash in 2008. In the time period, millions of retirees lost everything because their income could not provide for them.

Millions of RVers are retiree that lost everything during the housing crash of 2008. Between their pension plans and social security, they thought they were saved. But as time went by and inflation grows at a much fast pace. They were left, in some cases, with homes in foreclosure and bills piling up. They left their home to live out on the road with hopes of turning things around.

Amazon provided these retirees a job and a place to park their RV. These jobs paid at least minimum wage and a small amount of money toward campgrounds. If chosen campgrounds where full, RVers where given the options to park there RVs in a designated location on the site of the warehouse.

Since the Amazon CampForce program has started it has grown from just retirees to anyone who lives fulltime in an RV and meets the requirements. Some of the CampForce employees are young and just following the Amazon CampForce through Workampers. They enjoy the community spirit and learn to live in a safe secure atmosphere while living on the road.

Like most jobs, there are negatives. The working conditions at the Amazon warehouses have been described as hard working conditions. Some warehouses as long as 2 football field where CampForce employees walk as much as 10 to 15 miles a day. On occasion, the conditions within the warehouse can reach 90 drees or more.

Some of the benefit offered is only available if the CampForce employee hits set target qualifications such as completing the contracted agreement. Some of the contracted days are short. So you will qualify for the bonuses, yet not qualify for their insurance or 401K programs.

Since most of the retirees don’t need the 401k, the working conditions are not what you would want in your retirement.

Review of Amazon CampForce

Overall the Amazon CampForce program was a great idea when it started to assist people in their time of need. But did Amazon take advantage of people down on their luck and in need of an out?

The pros and con speak for themselves depending on what you are looking for. Amazon CampForce provides you with a limited benefit package and only a limited schedule of dates. It obviously only temporary work for a limited time of the year when Amazon is hurting for help. Sure they help with your living expenses for the length of the contract, but what about the remainder of the year?

My honest opinion of the Amazon CampForce? Look for other options that can provide you with a much more stable supplemental income. Then head to the Amazon CampForce if you can not find other option through Workamper or some other remoter work online.

If you like the Amazon name? Why not look at their Affiliate program and work online from your RV. This can all be done with a few simple things like your our website and some education. Learning how to make money remotely online give you more options and more freedom.

If you want to learn more contact me and I will give you a link for a FREE look at one of the BEST programs available online. A program that can be done anywhere you have an internet connection.

I hope this helped you learn more about the Amazon CampForce Program.

Ken Sagendorph


  1. Ola


    Great Blog post

    What a concise and thorough article; I haven’t heard about Amazon campforce but with the review shared on this article, I can see that it is a perfect  fit for affiliate marketers. Obviously its pros outweighs its cons which makes it much more recommendable.

    What advice would you give to someone who has no affiliate marketing experience but wanted to start?

    • Ken Sagendorph


      The Amazon CampForce program has grown over the years into various locations and I feel it may grow even more as the company grows. It is also a great opportunity for someone wanting to learn a little about the organization prior to becoming part of the Amazon Affiliate program.

      If anyone wants to learn about getting involved in affiliate marketing. There are some great programs to find online. The best program involves experienced marketers helping new marketers. A program such as Wealth Affiliate is built for both levels. They also have a community chat to give people immediate responses to questions. Wealth Affiliate offers so much more than any other program at an affordable level. 

  2. Etah


    Interesting review.

    To be honest, I had no idea about this work opportunity.

    Thanks to your honest and detailed I have a very clear picture of the pros and cons of going for this offer.

    Like you said, I also do believe this is good for a side hustle, not full time.

    At the end of the day, being an affiliate marketer is the best way to partner up with Amazon.

    More reality and less stressful.

    • Ken Sagendorph


      Amazon does have a few great programs throughout the company. The CampForce program is a great opportunity for a temporary position and great for moving around. Amazon has some fulltime positions within the system that have better benefits and work conditions. Why can’t they spread that mentality throughout the organization?

      A agree the affiliate marketing program whether in Amazon or any other program. Like Amazon as an online business, affiliate marketing online is a much better option once established. The only thing with the Online business, it takes time and dedication. As a retiree, I guess time is not a big issue, 

  3. Petra


    Wow, I was not really aware of the Amazon CampForce when I stumbled upon your post. Are you employed by Amazon CampForce? It sounds like a great idea if you’re one of the retirees who want to add a little to their pension. 

    It also seems like you could use it as a way to get around and see some of the country, as long as you’re staying in one place for a while. I think why not? 

    Sure, Amazon has been known to work their employees quite hard and offer little pay, but if that is one of our only options, make it work for you. 

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Ken Sagendorph


      It is a pretty good program. I am not a part of the program, I have been doing research for my retirement and possible supplemental income if needed  I came across the Amazon CampForce program and started to learn more. The program helps people build the community within the RV lifestyle. 

      The possibility to see different locations work well. The only thing it the limited area in which the program is in.

      As Amazon continues to work their employees hard, this is just another example. Hard work does pay in the long run, especially if they depend on people that are used to the hard-working life.

  4. Nekko


    I really enjoyed this post, it was great. Don’t get me wrong Amazon has changed the way the world of online shopping is done and Their really quite smart if you think about it. They took A business problems they were having “keeping up with demand” and created a solution for themselves and basically just directed the public perception into seeing the “Amazon Campforce Work Opportunity” as something positive for customers and communities. I think a business as big an powerful as Amazon should be as transparent as they can. I can’t really even be mad at them, I mean for what solving a problem while creating jobs at the same time?

    • Ken Sagendorph


      I do agree Nekko, Amazon did create some jobs while solving a shipping demand issue. That I give them credit for. The unfortunate part of the program it looks as if they took advantage of retirees who lost everything during a hard time in their life. As big as Amazon is they could have offered better benefits for the people who do the work. 

      Something like not limiting the campgrounds they stay in and increasing the monthly compensations. I researched the campgrounds they allow. Some are filled in as fast as the jobs. While the compensation paid just over half, in some cases less than half, of the monthly expenses. The campgrounds can charge the people added thing such as utilities which are not covered in the program.

      While looking at both sides of the coin. It is a good program, yet Amazan could increase their benefits package. 

  5. Yun


    Nice article. I had never heard of Campforce before but It sounds like a good form of short term employment for someone seeking a bit of money on the side with less commitment than a full time job. For me affiliate marketing would still be my go to choice as you have more freedom, mobility and opportunity than Campfroce which sounds limited in locations and positions.

    Anyway, thanks for the read, very informative.

    • Reply

      I believe it is a good short term solution for people on the road. I also believe it is a good short term use of resources for Amazon.

      I don’t believe it is a good solution for an older RVer or retired RVer. Sure it will help them get a little extra income. But in the long run, does it solve the problem of them living paycheck to paycheck?

      Understanding that Amazon mostly uses the CampForce Program during the holiday season when their volume is high. I guess a good way to get your foot in the door if you are looking for something more permanent.

      Bottom line is it may be good to level things off in the short term. You will just have to bit the bullet.

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