• Fun RV Things We Found this Weekend

    This weekend we had a fun time at our favorite RV park in Central California.  Cool breezes and warm but not hot weather made it one of complete contentment.  

    Beer is one of those items of contentment that goes with RVing but having a REAL ICE COLD GLASS is hard to come by particularly in our family as glasses seem to mysteriously fall off the table and break while playing a heated card game of Kings on the Corners.  

  • Get the Look

    Black and White seems to be a common theme with RV Remodels these days so I really liked this remodel because they used a flour sack type of white with the frayed edges for the seats and a cream-colored off white rug with black design work.
  • Fun RV things we found this past weekend

    This tiny little seating area just outside the steps of a neighboring RVer just exudes COZY, CUTE AND COMPACT.

    Notice the stencil on the slide out and the bright colored flowers!  All of these items are tied in with a multi-colored striped rug and a simple WELCOME mat.  Add a few accessories like a blanket and comfortable reclining chair and you are now definitely enjoying yourself.

    Check out our online store where you can find outdoor seating area items like the ones above to make your RV outdoor seating as COZY, CUTE and COMPACT as ever.  

    Don't forget to send us a picture of your outdoor seating area so we can share it with others too!

  • Get the Look

    I am mesmerized by all of the remodels going on in RVs, Motorcoaches, Campers and Vans these days after watching my handyman rip out a cabinet door below and realize how easy he replaced it.  

    Now I'm thinking of repainting, reflooring and replacing my RV to look more like this one below done by

  • Fun Things We Found this Past Weekend

    Fun Things We Found this Past Weekend!
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