What is Black Water?

Black Water gets its name for a few obvious reasons. This is water, feces, and anything flushed down the toilet. Throughout this website, we will refer to the contents of black water as “sludge.” Sludge is waste or semi-solid within the tank which includes the above-named contents.

The sludge, unlike residential septic system, will be in a separate holding tank from grey water. The Black Water is considered one half of the RV septic system. The holding tank is designed to allow the sludge to settle a low point for cleaning or dumping. The black water holding tank should be maintained regularly to reduce odors.

Treating Black Water

Treating Black Water starts with respect. Everyone owning an RV will have some type of a “POOP” story. To prevent a “POOP” story pay attention to what is happening. Fecal sludge within the tank can vary in contents including pathogens and offensive odors. The characteristics can change based upon temperature, consistency, and time it is left untreated.

Treating black water within the RV is quite simple. Adding toilet treatments that are formaldehyde free and using toilet paper designed to be broken down. This will help reduce the odors within the holding tank. Regular cleaning using a rinsing tool will also help reduce odors and malfunctions of sensors within the holding tank.

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